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I've been working this weekend on a couple sites for a friend of mine up in Vancouver. In doing so, I've taken a deep look at some statistics and viewed quite a few design sites on the web. I decided to widen my layout to make it easier to read. I'm going to put a survey out on this – let me know if you love it or hate it. I don't want to brush off my visitors that are running 800 x 600 or below, but that's only 3% of my visitors. As a result, I don't think that it's a core group of my readers.

As I continue to work on other clients' sites, I'm going to work with these newer widths depending on their audience. I hope you like it!

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    לא ראיתי את הפריסה הישנה שלך, אבל אני מאוד אוהב את זה עם הנושא של אנקונדה. הגופן קל מאוד גם בעיניים .... האם זהו גופן ברירת המחדל של אנקונדה?

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